Employment law

Even though the legal order of the Czech Republic does not recognise the so-called precedent law, it is the employment law that belongs to an area, where relations are perhaps regulated by law, but this law is interpreted through a number of the so-called judicates, or verdicts of individual courts.

It is probably also because at present the Employment Act, which is the main source of regulations in this area, does not suit either the employees nor the employers. The big amendment of this Act valid since January 2007 is not bringing the needed change.

If you have a dispute with your employee or employer, it is highly probable, that the other party of the dispute will share your feelings of injustice. If it is possible to reach an agreement, we will do everything possible in this field. If an agreement is refused, there is nothing what to do but to look into how the rectification could be attained through the aid of a court procedure. We will of course be happy to represent you in this case.

We take the liberty to alert you to the fact, that in cases of the employment law the terms for claiming your claims at the court are usually very short. If you have a problem from the area of the employment law, please visit a lawyer as soon as possible! Otherwise it may happen, that we will have to tell you regretfully, that if you had only come the day before yesterday your rights would have been asserted, but in the given situation nothing can be done anymore.