Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents fall within two areas of the law. The first area is that of offences actions, the second is representation in penal actions.

If your traffic accident falls into the first category, you will probably not be needing our services, but as a participant in a traffic accident, that results in a penal action, the presence of a lawyer can only be recommended.

Even though traffic accidents fall into the category of the so called penal crimes by negligence, the courts consider them very strictly and drivers that caused the accident are often given unconditional sentences to confinement. Even though we are also often dissatisfied with the situation on our streets, we think, that jail sentences are often only another tragedy haped on top of the tragedy caused by the traffic accident itself. That is why we try to prepare a strategy with the defendant or convicted person, that would fulfil the aim of the penal law – which is the protection of the legitimate rights of physical and legal persons – as well as the aim of the penalty. That is not only the protection of the society, but also the education of the perpetrator for his future life, so that he would refrain from unlawful acts.

We do not think, that putting a person in jail will lead the perpetrator to never driving with reckless speed again. If our client so wishes, we try to prepare the defence in such a manner, as for it to include – rather untraditionally – also proposals for his undoing of the crime, such as a financial penalty or socially beneficial work. Even though this procedure is highly uncommon at courts, it may be said, that gradually we are succeeding in persuading judges and state attorneys that our proposals are worthy of the court’s serious consideration.

Within the framework of traffic accidents we do not only represent drivers, but also the aggrieved, whose position at court is often weakened to a mere position of witness. An aggrieved party is also a person, whose akin was injured or died as a result of the traffic accident. Our defence of these individual’s interests is also not seen as standard by most courts, but we are gradually working out a way, by which we are able to ensure just satisfaction to them.

The question of damages is closely linked to traffic accidents. Especially in combination with the question of insurance, authorisation to manipulate with the vehicle, that has caused the accident and the like complex situations may ensue. We have plentiful experience in untangling these relations between insurance companies and partakers in traffic accidents.

The <a href="">D.A.S.</a> insurance company is one of the few insurance companies on our market specialising on insurance for legal representation as well. Even though it is possible nowadays to get insured for legal representation in other areas than in representation in cases of traffic accidents, it is especially this area that is most used by the clients of D.A.S. insurance. Since we have been co-operating with the insurance company since the year 1996, we have a number of defences of just this type of cases.