Unfair competition

Although the Bureau for Fair Competition has been active in the Czech Republic for several years, this very Bureau, economic competition and unfair economic competition is not considered by Czech public as something that could actually occur and cross our ways. The issue of economic competition may only be relevant to supranational companies, not the local Czech entrepreneur! How wrong can this approach prove!Even if you have only a flower shop on a corner provisions of economic competition regulations may severely influence your life.

The Economic Competition Act applies to municipalities as well which can sometimes be source of great surprise to their impersonators.

Issues of economic competition are one of the best-elaborated areas in the European Union.Therefore bear in mind especially when your flower shop expands to the opposite corner that sanctions for unfair competition are severe.You may commit illegal act without even being aware of it.It would be less then pleasant to be warned of that by the Bureau for Fair Competition.

Keep in mind as well that the § 149 of the Criminal Act defines unfair competition as a criminal offence.Culprits of such an offence are those “Who in their acts being in dissent with regulations governing competition in economic relations or with customs of competition damage goodwill or jeopardise operation or development of enterprise of a competitor.“Penalties for such an offence go up to imprisonment for one year, financial punishment or cession of property.