Commercial and corporate law

Our law office represents the clients also in single cases, but more often we provide the long-term, a whole number of business subjects – companies and physical persons.

We have been helping a number of them since the time they have opened their first licensed work-shop or store and we are their faithful companions still, when their original project developed into a number of companies, holdings, branches or corporations.

Our work in the area of commercial and corporate law includes mainly:

  • the attendance to all legal relations tied to business
  • the preparation of all kinds of contracts according to both the civic and commercial code
  • legal-tax consultations tied to the intended development of the firm
  • representation in all kinds of disputes, issuing from business enterprise

Commercial law is not only the commercial code, as may seem at first sight. This chapter also includes for example the knowledge from the area of liquidations and settlements, bill and cheque law, securities law. It also contains unfair competition, the protection of a company’s good name as well as a number of other legal relations, that do not seem to be linked to business at all at first sight. If you encounter any problem within the framework of your business, you can turn to us – we will do everything not only to solve the problem, but also to prevent possible future problems.