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JUDr. Klára A. SAMKOVÁ, Ph.D. read CV, about Klára Samková lawyers@lawyers.cz  
Mgr. Lenka BOUDOVÁ lenka.boudova@lawyers.cz 736 670 640
JUDr. Zuzana SUCHÁ BALOGH, Ph.D. zuzana.sucha.balogh@lawyers.cz 731 593 228
Mgr. Bc. Lucie FICKOVÁ KROBOTOVÁ lucie.krobotova@lawyers.cz 731 464 998
JUDr. Michala RABIŇÁKOVÁ (former Mašínová) michala.rabinakova@lawyers.cz 603 894 848
Mgr. Heda WICHOVÁ heda.wichova@lawyers.cz 725 082 773

All lawyers are insured for the liability of damages, that they may eventually cause their clients through their negligence. This means that if the lawyer neglects his work to such extent, as to damage his client’s interests, the incurred damages will be compensated to the client by the lawyer’s insurance company.

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Andrea DARWISHOVÁ lawyers@lawyers.cz 730 511 405
Pavlína PROKŮPKOVÁ pavla.prokupkova@lawyers.cz 736 762 244
Petra SOUŠKOVÁ office@lawyers.cz