Civil relations

In general it may be said, that civil law and disputes issuing from it form a great part of our law office‘s work.

But civil law is such a broad conception, that it is possible only with difficulty to point to all of its chapters. Some of them are so singular, that they have their individual place in our web pages. But even so it is impossible to even hint at the whole extent of the civil law here. That is why we will only note some of the aspects that we consider of importance.

  • Joint ownership and joint ownership relations – the source of eternal discrepancies and disputes.
  • Joint marriage property – it usually enters into dealings during a divorce. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent disputes even for the price of not appearing too romantic?
  • Liability for damages and the compensation of damages: Everyone is responsible for the damages caused by them, each aggrieved party has a right for the compensation of damages. This is the starting point of it all. Unfortunately it looks so simple only at first sight . .
  • obligations law: even in everyday life you enter into numerous agreements on a daily basis. You don’t believe it? If you are going to a shop, even if only to buy a litre of milk, you are entering into a contract with the shop. You may pay in cash, by down-payments or leasing, by offering consideration . . the regulation of obligations law stands for a large part of the civil code and pertains to everyone that enters into obligation relations. And that is all of us without exemptions . .

If your problem falls into the area of civil law, it is possible, that it will be highly demanding. It is possible, that it will be very simple. It is possible, that from the legal standpoint the court decides in your favour, but it will be very difficult to attain the execution of the court's verdict.

In order for us to be able to help you, we must know more about your problem.