The founding and transformation of companies­

The founding and transformation of companies, the transfer of business shares or the changes to articles of partnership rank among the basic activities of our office. The time when limited companies were founded as if on an assembly line with the standard wording of the articles of partnership are long gone and more sophisticated work is at hand.

Since we have been representing a number of limited liability companies since their founding, we know of many hardships that imperfect articles of partnership can bring about.

Disputes between partners, that lead to some of the partners leaving from the company, to the division of the company or transfer of business shares can sometimes be worse than the worst of divorces – perhaps with the exception that the partners usually do not have children together, whose custody must be decided upon. Disputes of this sort can seriously impair both the company as well as the individual partners, and their precise solution is simply a must. Perhaps there is no life at stake, but often too much money is concerned.

The development of business enterprise also leads to changes in the society’s structure. Have you been witness to the transformation of a business licence into a stock company with the basic capital of tens of millions of crowns? We have. We have not arrived yet at having our client ask for the transformation of a company into a publicly held company, but we are glad to see, how some of our clients are inevitably approaching this stage. When you come to us with your requirement, we will be prepared.