Protection of individuality and of a company‘s good name

We usually find out about somebody filing action for the protection of individuality from the papers. If such an action is really filed and what is its result usually does not get printed.

An action for the protection of individuality is not a whip to use on the horrid press people nor a hollow threat. The world is influenced by media more than ever before. The press people as well as the aggrieved parties must learn, that they carry the responsibility for the news they let circulate, and for the fact, that this untrue or partially untrue piece of news can substantially damage the other party.

The borderline between investigative journalism and mere flouncing of gossip can often be pretty fuzzy. Yet it is in the interest of the journalists themselves, to learn to ascertain where exactly it lies and not to cross it. If they do cross it, they must bear the responsibility for it.

The action for the protection of individuality is often linked to a petition for a correction in press and the ensuing action, eventually even a penal action for the suspicion of committing the crime of slander according to § 206 of the Penal Act.