Housing law

Since the City District of Prague 1 has been our long time client represented in cases related to tenancy, we can say that we have been through hundreds of court hearings in this area and it is hard to imagine a problem that we would not have solved before…

As we tend to realties administration as well, we know the issues from the viewpoint of the private owner as well.

We have received number of verdicts as result of the work of our office and we can therefore quite reliably assess result of a prospective litigation.

We also provide detailed analyses of legal positions of tenants within the realties administration.We are capable of providing this service in other cases as well and are sure that namely synergy of such experience with knowledge of restitution regulations will help in discovering of unexpected relations and legal aspects that could lead to considerable depreciation of real property.

Today we collaborate extensively with the Association of the Owners of the Houses, representing them in the large number of lawsuits with the tenants.

As we are well acquainted with the previous legal regulations governing the housing law as well as relevant regulations tending to construction, we can provide truly exhaustive advice.