Diploma thesis „The right of a parent to contact with a child and its regulation“

We thank one of our clients that he let translated one quite interesting diploma thesis, written by Ms. Kamila Kaplanová, on the theme "The right of a parent to contact with a child and its regulation". We hope that this text can help our other clients, too. With the permission of the sponsor of the translation, we put it on this web site. Thank you, Mr. E.S.!


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Discussion forum "Should We Fear Islam?" "Should we fear Islam? This Czech lawyer says: 'We should fight against Islam and beat it'"

Server Gates Of Vienna notes a significant moment in the history of the Czech anti-islamic movement, namely the speech of the lawyer and activist Klára Samková presented in the Chamber of Deputies on the forum "Should we fear Islam?" on May 18th, 2016. 

Klára Samková on the conference "Should we fear islam?"

Klára Samková on the conference on the theme "Should we fear islam?" (18. 5. 2015)

This lecture was given by Klára Samková in the Parliament of Czech Republic on the day of May 18th 2016 on the conference on the theme "Should we fear Islam?"

Just delivered from Colorado...

Just a short note written by a lawyer in Colorado.

Commemoration rally at the French Embassy (14.11.2015)

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, Klara Samková attended the memorial gathering for the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, which took place in front of the French Emb

Kroměříž: a discuss meeting of Klára Samková with the followers of the Block against Islam

On 27.10.2015 in the town of Kroměříž a discuss meeting of the followers of the Block against Islam with Klára Samková was held.

Video (in Czech language) can be seen HERE

Klára Samková attended a protest meeting against islamic imigration

Klára Samková yesterday (28.10.2015) attended a protest meeting called "No to Islamic immigration" in Brno, that was organized by the Block against Islam together with the political party Dawn - National Coalition.

Klára Samková on radio station Frekvence 1: „I refuse to help refugees!“

 Lawyer and activist Klára Samková appeared on the public series of radio station Frekvence 1 „Press Club“. The primary topic of discussion was the current refugee crisis.

Duel between Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb on the series „Events and Comments“ on Czech Television

 Lawyer Klára Samková and ex-politician Michael Kocáb met on Czech Television's public-law discussion series „Events and Comments“ on the topic of refugeeism and the current immigration crisis in Europe.