Our fees

The negotiations of a price are always an individual matter. In principle the basis is contractual reward at an hourly rate.

JUDr. Klára Samková, Ph.D. (senior lawyer) 4.000 CZK/hour
junior lawyers 3.200 CZK/hour
paralegals 1.800 CZK/hour
administrative 800 CZK/hour

These fees contain all necessary fixed costs and all other costs excluding court, administrative and potential travel costs. All details are stated in the mandatory agreement.
Cases that concerns the European Court of Human Rights or Constitutional complain for the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic are usually charged with the basic fee of 50.000 CZK. We don't accept cases based on the won amount provision.

The payment for the lawyer should reflect both the amount and the complexity of the case, as well as the time demandingness and the level of lawyers' responsibility expressed by potential loss that may occur when the lawyer will not do his job right.

One-time and first consultations are paid in cash according to the agreement between the client and lawyer at the beginning of their dealings.

The further proceedings are usually such, that when the lawyer takes on the client’s legal representation, he (she) arranges another meeting with him (her), for which he (she) prepares a mandatory agreement about client's representation for signing. At the first meeting they also agree on the manner in which the lawyer’s fee will be calculated and the amount of the down-payment, which the client will put down in the law office at the signing of the agreement about the legal representation , an example of which you can also find here .

The accounts are billed monthly, unless the client and lawyer agree otherwise.

A law office is a payer of VAT, that is currently at 21 %. These 21 % are not included in the lawyer’s fee.  


All lawyers are insured for the liability of damages, that they may eventually cause their clients through their negligence.

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