Representation before courts

Our legal counsel office has vast experience both in the area of civil law and commercial law in regards legal representation. The office defends numbers of clients before courts and therefore has accumulated exceptional experience with application of proceeding regulations.

It is the outstanding knowledge of Czech legal environment that makes the difference between the counsel office "JUDr. Klára Veselá - Samková" and other renowned offices including those based abroad, whose knowledge of Czech legal environment is limited. It is the knowledge of reactions of courts of law to specific aspects of individual cases that is considered exceptionally important information in the decision making process of clients even in cases when the particular client does not personally face court proceeding, even in the future.

If our clients are to participate in proceeding before court of law, both as plaintiffs and defendants, we always strive to apply the following principles:

We assess the case based on an intensive analysis and warn client of all plausible negative aspects of prospective plaint. With respect to the extent and costs of legal proceeding we try to find a solution that would produce real and desired result and eliminate actual court litigation if possible. As our experience shows and in accord with the saying of birds in bush, we know that it may easily happen that even the one in hand flies free.

If we, on the other hand, come to the conclusion that a delay of plaint may harm the interests of the plaintiff we warn of undesired effects of such delay including deterioration of position of the client. Selection of proper strategy is usually the most difficult part of legal representation in litigation and we ask our clients to trust our long-time experience with the selection. We have been through thousands of cases and client, often emotionally influenced by the case, may easily omit facts that are vital for the proceeding.

We also ask our clients to conduct due preparation for hearings where their deposition is to be taken, in concurrence with our office of course. In order to achieve success of a plaint hours must often be spent on the case - if a client is not willing to provide the time is may happed that a situation that had not be tended to occurs before the court and that can produce undesirable effects. It is true then that the lawyer is to blame?