Inheritance proceedings­

Inheritance proceedings are one of the areas of civic law, that we have devoted a special chapter to due to their complexity.

Inheritance proceedings are something that happens to all of us – perhaps with the exception of anonymous children laid down by unknown parents. Even though there is nothing left after your close ones from the legal standpoint, even this nothing has to be stated within an inheritance proceeding, arranged by a law office.

In the majority of inheritance proceedings the presence of a lawyer is redundant, cases where representation by a lawyer is necessary are becoming more and more frequent. The cause of this trend is firstly the diversification in property to the poor and the rich. The poor leave the already mentioned ”nothing”, sometimes even topped by some considerable debt, for example in social security, retirement and health insurance payments. The inheritors of the rich sometimes inherit something they had no idea existed – for example complex business relations, shares in companies that must be disposed of in some way, sometimes even abroad, which requires the co-operation of the country where the deceased’s property is located.

Especially complex cases arise in the moment, when there are more inheritors and in cases of sudden death, when the deceased did not leave a will behind. That opens the space for family fights, which renew disputes that have seemingly been forgotten forever years ago. If the inheritance is intestate, the ”voice of the blood” gets to be heard and the inheritors become people, that may have not seen the deceased in years – or never – and did not have any ties to him, while persons, that had a relationship with the deceased leave the law office empty handed.

Some of these situations can be fought at least partially and we will be glad to offer you our services. We have a few very difficult disputes of many years behind us in this field and we think, that we could truly be of service to you in this regard. We will also help you in situations and relations that ensue for you from the inheritance proceedings.

Since our motto is prevention in all cases, we will help and advise you also to draw up a testament.