Human rights protection

A peculiarity and speciality of our law office is, that we approach each case from the moment it is committed to our care from the standpoint of human rights. It matters little, whether the case is commercial, a dispute between a tenant and house owner, a penal case or a case from any other area of the law.

Have all the legal stipulations of the Constitution and Basic Human Rights and freedoms deed been adhered to? Were international covenants of human rights, that by law are a part of the Czech Republic‘s Constitution, taken into account? Has the right to a just trial and equal access to the court been observed?
To some of you this approach of ours may seem intentional, but we are convinced, that if any aspect of human rights is infringed on, there cannot be justice – even though it may seem that it could.

The courts of the first, and unfortunately often of the second degree as well, do not take the aspects of human rights too seriously yet. We consider it our duty to work on changing this attitude in the widest scope possible. It is our obligation not only to our clients, but to the Czech society in general. The non-observance of human rights is one of the most sensitive question in our country. How can the law, justice and economy of a country work, where the mention of the disregard of human rights is often considered as a mere intentional ”elevator” to the Constitutional court, as an action, that is merely supposed to lead to a more favourable result for the client?

We have submitted a number of pleas to the Constitutional Court, some of them successful.

We have submitted a number of pleas to the Court of human rights in Strasbourg and we are convinced, that at least in some cases we will succeed.