Family law

Family law is one of the pillars of our law office‘s activities.

We are of the opinion that is that the divorce of the parents cannot mean an ending to the relationship between the child and the parent, to whose custody the child wasn‘t placed.

Since currently the Czech courts give the child into its mother’s care in more than 90% of all cases, we primarily represent men in the assertion of their vested right to participate in the upbringing and emotional life of their child.

Maybe this attitude of ours may seem strange to you, but the representation of the second parent in the assertion of their right to the upbringing of their offspring regardless of personal status and the sex of the parent, is only the other side of the woman's emancipation. Since if we are of the opinion, that women are intellectually equal to men and cannot be discriminated for their sex in their jobs or anywhere else, we must of course also be of the opinion, that men are emotionally equal to women and cannot be discriminated in their family life just on the basis of their sex. In a time, when the division of roles among men and women is being more and more erased, such differentiation seems not only old-fashioned to us, it also no longer corresponds to the needs and facts of the modern world.

Do you know, what precedes a wedding? The times, when a wedding was preceded by an engagement, are irrevocably past. More and more often a wedding is preceded by a divorce. .

If you do not want to ruin the greater part of your future life and new relationship, it is in your own interest to settle your divorce by agreement, with the exclusion of mutual reprisals and the so-called washing of dirty laundry. We have been representing several clients, whose divorces and disputes over their children have been going on for a number of years with a devastating effect on both parties of the dispute, so we know, what we are talking about. That is why we are trying to find a solution, that would be convenient for both sides, and we are willing to put our clients in touch with perhaps highly unconventional, but tried and reliable consultants and helpers.

If agreement is not possible, we fight for our clients with maximum verve. We know,

that the disputes are very demanding emotionally. We can assure you, that we will always be standing at your – our client’s - side in difficult moments.

The main areas of legal consultations and representation within the sphere of family law:

  • the so-called pre-marital contracts
  • the recognition or denial of fatherhood
  • divorce, including property settlement
  • child custody, change of environment for their upbringing
  • settlement of alimony for children, for the divorced or undivorced husband