Administration proceedings­

Administration law is an area, which one usually has problems imagining what it concerns. The simplest way of defining what administration law is by saying, that administration law is EVERYTHING – and than deducting individual areas, such as the civil law, penal law, commercial law etc. from this absolute sum.

What remains is the administration law. It is the regulations, edicts and decrees, that regulate the major part of a citizen’s life, especially in regard to state organs. And there is no escaping this regulation from birth to death. You don’t believe this? We will hint at a fraction of the administration law to you:

  • when you are born, you are registered in the Register, issued a birth certificate and you are given medical care – all this according to the provisions of the ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • you start attending school – elementary, high and eventually college – in a way regulated by the ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • you are issued an ID card and passport according to the provisions of the ADMINISTRATION LAW a drivers licence? Its acquisition and the regulation of road traffic is the area of the ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • getting married – governed by the ADMINISTRATION LAW and if you are god forbid marrying a foreign citizen, your partner will have to deal with the Foreign Police – according to the ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • in doing business you will not be able to do without a number of authorisations, which are issued predominantly by state administration authorities – according to the ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • Buying real estate may be governed by the civic code, but the registration of the Land register is governed by the pertinent laws from the area of ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • each interference with the immovable property you manage to gain in the course of your life, its building or reconstruction is governed by the Building Act and other regulations, which in their nature fall into the area of ADMINISTRATION LAW
  • disputes with neighbours, that burn tires on the neighbouring premises and spew smoke in your windows will be regulated by the ADMINISTRATION LAW – both by offences proceedings and by regulations related to environmental protection.
  • when you die, your body will be disposed of according to the Funerals Act – which is part of the ADMINISTRATION LAW

The ignorance of the administration law is inexcusable. Getting to know the administration law is the life-long task of each lawyer. It is a never-ending fight, because the provisions of the administration law are churned out by the industrious parliament members practically on a daily basis.

If you turn to us with problems of the administration law, we will fight this hundred-headed dragon with all our might. By now we have managed to sever a dragon’s head here and there. Does it seem little to you? We consider it a success, when the prince in this scary everyday fairy tale is not devoured by the hundred-headed monster. You should believe, that if other lawyers tell you otherwise, they are either geniuses (and those are always scarce), or the dragon of the administration law has so far only winked at them from its cave by one eye.