Acquisition and sale of real estate­

The questions of ownership law towards real estate are resolved in our law office practically on a daily basis. We co-operate with a number of real-estate agencies in Prague.

Chains of contracts about future contracts, where joint ownership relations and joint ownership in general are settled simultaneously. The division of houses into separate apartment units according to the Apartment ownership act and their consecutive sale. We solve the questions of divided ownership of houses and land propertym, the questions of options and many more. In our practice we have encountered the most bizarre situations and thanks to our many years of experience we are able to offer you a truly effective solution to your problems.

We are able to put a clause in a contract regarding the method of handing over an immovable asset and also the way of payment of the acquisition price. On the basis of the so-called ”additional trustee clause” in the acquisition contract we are taking the acquisition price into our ward and will give it to the selling party only under conditions agreed by both parties.

We resolve problems linked to the real estate Land Register, we provide legal inquiry into property.

If you have a problem with real estate, turn to us with all your confidence. We can guarantee practically hundred percent that we will find a suitable solution for you.