Klára Samková on the conference on the theme "Should we fear islam?" (18. 5. 2015)

This lecture was given by Klára Samková in the Parliament of Czech Republic on the day of May 18th 2016 on the conference on the theme "Should we fear Islam?"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to appear here. Today’s meeting is intended to help answer the question: should we fear Islam? I give a direct answer to this question: we certainly should not fear Islam. We should treat it in the same manner that European civilisation has successfully treated all totalitarian and inhuman regimes, which it has been forced to encounter over its two thousand year history. It should fight against Islam, win and, once and for all, restrict its spread and, the same as with previous atrocious ideologies, it should declare the actual existence of Islam a crime and in conflict with human nature, freedom, and particularly with human dignity.

Because Islam is in conflict with human nature, freedom and human dignity, like Nazism, Fascism and Communism. This is the truth, even though Islam is concealed as a religion, even though it is actually chiefly a criminal state ideology and unreformable system of government.

Islam pretends to be a religion for two reasons. The first is the historic origin of Islam, which prohibited any form of ideological presentation other than religion. Not even the ancient Greeks permitted creation of philosophical constructs independently of the state religion, as Socrates could tell us. And it was even less possible to create a conceptual paradigm of a character other than religious in the seventh century A.D., at the edge of what was the civilised world at the time.

The second reason why Islam pretends to be a religion today is its permanent conscious and targeted abuse of the Euro-American legal system and values, which civilisations based on the original Christian-Jewish foundations have achieved. There is nothing better and more effective than abusing your enemy’s system of values, while simultaneously not participating in this system yourself. And this is exactly how Islam behaves. It seeks protection according to our traditions, which it then abuses, without being willing to behave reciprocally. It relies on our traditions, appeals to them and then laughs in the face of our system of values and in our faces behind our backs.

Let us first of all look at why it is absolutely correct to consider Islam identical to a totalitarian regime. Even though Islam declares itself a religion, it is primarily a totalitarian system of government in which God only has a symbolic status, whereas the main content of Islam is the organisation of government. On the contrary to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism or Shintoism, the core of Islam is law, the Islamic law of Sharia. This is an integral element of the Islamic ideology and is inseparable from it. It forms the most intrinsic content of Islam, whereas the rules, which are declared religious or ethical, form only the exterior and secondary content of this ideology. The concept of religion as a private matter, as the private affair of each individual, is absolutely unacceptable to Islam. This is the principle that modern Christianity and civilisations based on Christianity are founded. The private relationship between an individual and God, facilitated more or less by a Church. Even those members of our civilisation, who declare themselves atheists, who insist that they do not believe in God, automatically base their standpoints on Christian traditions, whereas these assume either a folklore character or the character of automatic cultural elements in their lives, as a result of which they also share the general Christian spirit of Europe and both Americas. I must remind you once again that this attitude is unacceptable to Islam, and Islam denounces it and calls it a crime. Islam refuses the individual concept of faith in God and prohibits, in a totalitarian manner, any doubt in oneself. If anyone believes we have no right to judge what is totalitarianism and domination and we have no right to say this about Islam, then I say that in a country, which existed under the domination of foreign rulers for 300 hundred years and has existed under totalitarian regimes for 48 years of the last 78, we know very well what totalitarianism and domination looks like and can recognise it at first glance. I am entitled to and have the ability to identify it and judge it.

Islam does not share the European enlightened concept of social progress in the future. Islam considers the good times to have taken place in the past – in the time of the prophet Mohamed. The best that could have happened has already happened and the best and only meaningful that could have been written is the Quran, which has already been written. Islam is basically the religion of the Ecclesiastes, which stated a thousand years before Mohamed:

What benefit does man have from his unending toil, from toiling under the sun? Generations leave, generation come, but the land continues.“

Judaism, Christianity and the civilisations that arose from these religions, have surpassed this unjustified scepticism, this disdain of oneself. But Islam has remained a still-born child of gnosis, deformed into a terrible mutated desire to merge with the Universe again, into a retarded obsessive psychopathic paranoid concept of the uniqueness of its path towards the reunion of the essence of its believer with God. This misleading concept also results in the identification of Material with Evil, which permeates Islam, and the resulting disdain towards our civilisation, which is considered material and essentially evil and in conflict with God. The true tragedy of the Muslims is that by setting foot on this blind path, Islam has forever closed the doors to God.

Depression, death, scepticism in man and his individual irreplaceable value, disbelief in the dignity of each human being, regardless of his characteristics such as religion, social status, gender and nationality, is what characterises Islam. Islam has refused philosophy as we know it, as the opportunity to rationally and critically view actual fact. This approach by Islam blocks deliberation over the issues of human freedom, dignity, the role of man and government and, paradoxically also deliberation over God, which becomes, within the scope of Euro-American civilisation, an integral element of the thought processes of leading scientists – astrophysicists, mathematicians or biologists, whose research results touch on the nature of the Universe and also the essence of God. However, for Muslims direct contact with God is forever, until judgement day, a closed matter, whereas, according to their own ideology, they lost contact with God as a result of the death of Mohamed. How incredibly desperate their lives must be, if they are basically just waiting for death!

This complete space-time immobility of Islam is the fact that nations suffering under the Muslim ideology are the most devastated. It is they and their members who are the disrespected by this dismal pseudo-religious situation and are unable to meet the potential naturally given to them as human beings and which they consciously or sub-consciously desire. This situation is similar to the Russians being the most pitiful and most numerous victims of Communism, whereas totalitarian Communism originated in Russia, and the same as the Germans being the first victims of German Nazism and the Arabs and other nations living under Muslim domination being the most devastated by inhuman totalitarian Islam. I would like to express my deepest sympathy towards these people, and particularly towards Muslim women who suffer the most.

However, there is no other path than the path towards destruction for Muslims, because they are denied the essence of human nature, which is development. Islam does not acknowledge development, progress and humanity. In their despair they strive to destroy the remainder of humanity and other civilisations on this path, because, from the viewpoint of Islam, the rest of the world is pointless, unnecessary, unclean.

Islam and its Sharia legal system are incompatible with the principles of European law, particularly the rights embedded in the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. How is it therefore possible that our legal representatives cannot see this? How is it possible that they are silent? How is it possible that they acceded to all Muslim requirements referring to article 9 of the quoted Convention, which guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religious faith? How is it possible that Muslims can request protection according to this legal provision in our world, but our own legal system does not provide the same protection to those opinions, thoughts and religious convictions, which are in conflict with Islam? Are our legal representatives only capable of counting to only fourteen, when article 14 of the Convention states that use of the rights and freedoms acknowledged by the quoted Convention must be assured without discrimination for any reason? I assure everyone that we can count up to at least seventeen, whereas article 17 of the Convention reads:

Nothing in this Convention may be interpreted so that it gives the state, a group or individuals any right to develop activities or commit actions directed towards destroying any of the rights and freedoms acknowledged herein or restriction of these rights and freedoms in a greater scope than that determined by the Convention.”

This provision of the Convention was pushed through personally by Winston Churchill and he did so for a specific reason, as protection against totalitarian regimes. He himself had the Communist regimes at the time in mind. I have Islam in mind, which is as totalitarian and dangerous as the regimes Winston Churchill fought against and which he won against. The protection of article 17 rightly acts against any ideology and the fact that European countries, which are subject to the jurisdiction of the Convention, have not yet decided to apply it does not mean that they do not intend to. These countries are simply too kind, too aware of the price they paid for their knowledge of the highest value of humanity and too patient. The assumption of Muslim countries and leaders, who have decided to terrorise Europeans with their concept of the world, that the reason for this European indifference is weakness, is absolutely incorrect. Europe came to its opinion, its concept of the world at the price of tens of millions of human victims, at the price of suffering that no Muslim can imagine.

Europe now repeatedly asks Muslims: “Do you want to live with us?” Because this is the key and crucial question, which we must find the answer to and which only the Muslim nations can answer, and not whether we should fear Islam!

It seems that Muslims do not wish to share this planet peacefully with the remainder of the non-Muslim world. Their terrorists actions, loudly declared and committed in the name of Islam, show that they are not interested in brotherhood between nations and peoples. They shout out words about the domination of Islam and its legal system and words saying that we must submit. We cannot find any evidence that Muslims do not feel superior to us: us non-Muslims, us women, homosexuals, or anyone different, who does not strictly adhere to the Quran.

Europe will ask this question about the Muslim intention to cohabit peacefully a little while longer. But this question will then undergo a metamorphosis and it will change from “DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH US?” to “DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? Do you Muslims want to survive” Because if people professing Islam do not want to live in peace, Europe and America will do what it has already done twice before, when it was at risk from ideologies endangering the nature of humanity: it will go to war and will crush its enemy. This battle will again – as in previous wars – include enormous scientific, technical and technological progress, this time undoubtedly focusing on obtaining absolute energy independence. I have no idea how this will be done: maybe it will be possible to complete Tokomak. Maybe we will begin drawing energy from a null pole, or maybe a piece of dark matter will arrive from space to serve us. In any case, the violent actions by Muslims and the war that will arise from these actions, will result in the absolute liquidation o the Islam ideology. Islam will be believed in by a few degenerate individuals, hiding in the desert, from which unnecessary and unsought crude oil will spill out into the unending swamps, a few individuals who remember the past lights in the streets of Damascus and the beauties of Mecca in their croaking voices, these cities of which only a hole into hell will remain. These few nameless individuals will be rejected as waste by the remainder of humanity, as individuals who have lost their way to path to God and can never find it again, because they disdained what our God found pleasure in – humanity. I mean: all people and this whole planet.

Today, thoughts that Europe is actually the party that should shake in fear over its future, its culture, its philosophy, its concept of the world, are being forced on us. No, on the contrary, by taking these malevolent actions, Muslims have taken the first steps on the path to their own absolute destruction.

I use this meeting to ask all Muslims and all countries who state that their religion is Islam: Stop this. You are on the wrong path. You are on the path leading away from God. You are on the path of murderers. Your death will not bring you to Barbela, to the land of the True God, but to emptiness and nameless uselessness. There will be nothing left of you and the name of your reputed religion will only be spoken and then spit upon, with the dust from the path of those who are successful, happy and praiseworthy mixed in this spit.

Because this is written in the Revelation of John, chapter 12, called “The Defeated Enemy”:

And behold a great symbol appeared in the sky: A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon below her feet and a crown of twelve stars upon her head.“

This woman’s blue cloak flies in each flag of the European Union. The crown of twelve stars is on each European Union flag.

Now ask, Muslims who is that snake or dragon this pregnant woman crushes with her feet, and which she defeats, and don’t forget to answer correctly the initial question: Do you wish to live? The correct answer is – Then you will have to learn to live with us and in our countries according to our laws.