Klára Samková on radio station Frekvence 1: „I refuse to help refugees!“

 Lawyer and activist Klára Samková appeared on the public series of radio station Frekvence 1 „Press Club“. The primary topic of discussion was the current refugee crisis. Klára Samková explained her legal experience in this field, based on which she takes a very critical stance towards the issue of refugees and requests a systematic change to the entire approach to immigrants from Middle-Eastern and African countries. According to her the majority of genuine war refugees are found outside of Europe and those who, on the other hand, are entering Europe illegally demonstrate characteristics of an invading army. Moreover, in her opinion there has been a disruption of European law as such, since individual member states have stopped enforcing it on their territory.

http://www.frekvence1.cz/radio/zaznamy-poradu/klara-samkova-odmitam-pomahat-uprchlikum-18670 (record of the issue in CZ)